1. Joker’s Last Laugh(Joker的最後微笑)灰比翻譯很中二…orz


現在個人故事中,灰比知道teen titan(Tim)、nightwing(Dick)、Batgirl(Babara)、red hood(Jason)和Batman(Bruce)都已和joker扯上關係(由此可見BAT家不是人類所能追的漫畫…)(不要問灰比batwing等人,灰比沒心力追了…/_\)

作者是Scott Snyger(作者Wiki的傳送門)

DC家的原文(灰比有自行增加些小備註)“Writer Scott Snyder simultaneously put a smile on our face and a scream in our throat when he brought the Joker into the spotlight and kicked off the “Death of the Family” crossover event running through the various Bat-books. Systematically and psychotically, the Joker has personally attacked every member of the Batman Family, striking them at their deepest core.(心疼jason…) However, that was all the setup to the punchline that finally plays out in BATMAN #17.(2013 2月13日出)”

2. Jeff Lemire Goes Green(Jeff會為綠箭俠執筆)

箭家的故事灰比只知道Roy的一點點(在young justice的部分)

原文“Since the launch of DC COMICS—THE NEW 52, writer Jeff Lemire has been dealing with the Red in the pages of Animal Man. Starting in February, he’ll be adding another color to his repertoire by picking up the bow as the ongoing writer on Green Arrow. We’ve long been fans of Lemire’s work, so seeing him take aim with Oliver Queen gets us all aquiver. Oh, also, yadda yadda yadda, something about a bulls-eye. (We’re required to do that whenever we talk about archery.)”

3. The Wrath of the First Lantern(第一代綠燈的憤怒)


原文“First introduced in the GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1, the mysterious First Lantern enters the galactic playing field in a big way following the conclusion of the “Rise of the Third Army” crossover currently running through the various Lantern titles. Not much is known about the “Wrath of the First Lantern” arc, which begins in GREEN LANTERN #17(2013 2月6日), but if Johns’ previous work is any indication, it’s sure to be game-changingly brilliant.”

4. Morrison, Exit Stage Awesome…這原因灰比看不懂…


“In a very, very bittersweet moment, writer Grant Morrison wraps up both his Action Comics run and his Batman magnum opus in 2013. While we greatly look forward to seeing how his two epics—starring the two biggest characters in comics—conclude, we’re even more excited to be able to go back and read both from start to finish in what is sure to be one mind-bending, awe-inspiring sitting. We can only imagine afterward that it will be like in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Only, instead of stars, it’ll be, “My god. It’s full of awesome.””


5. Justice League of America(正義聯盟)


“Geoff Johns brought together the World’s Greatest Heroes in the pages of Justice League. Now, he’s bringing together another team, consisting of heroes like Green Arrow, Stargirl and Green Lantern, along with some other characters with more questionable moral standards (we’re looking at you Catwoman—really, who could blame us?). The reason behind this new team and the role they’ll play remains an enigma for now, but the cast of characters and the teaming of Johns with artist David Finch already has us intrigued.”

5.1 Anyone Else Notice SHAZAM! in This?…看不懂

5.2 Vibe. Clearly….看不懂




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  1. 5.1 Shazam 會正式入隊! (即係Captain Marvel吧~)


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