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Podcast 27 – Rogue One, Assassin’s Creed 及 Podcast Review

漫畫新聞: Tales From The Crypt Reboot: It’s Not Happening, Peter David, Bloodshot reborn #0, Divinty III: starlinverse新角色- Red Legend, Divinity III: Escape From Gulag 396, Miracleman delay咗幾次終於出, Spiderman新劇情 - Parker vs Osborn, 松鼠女25週年, 1月11出版週年刊, Inhumans Prime (One-shot), Deadpool - Til Death Do Us…, Robert Kirkman Skybound imprint新作 - Extremity, Hanna Barbera (漢納巴伯拉動畫)出版週年刊one shot, Greg Capullo簽定合約, 為DC寫Rebirth Event Book, 於2017年下夏天推出, Gotham City Sirens, Free Comic Book Day 公佈12本書的Title, John Wick Comes to dynamite Comics in 2017 主題: Rouge One 影評, Assassin's Creed 影評, Podcast 一週年回顧吹水篇

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