Podcast 29 – 美漫歷史課第二堂


  • 漫畫新聞
    • Ben Reilly is the Scarlet Spider
    • Marvel’s Secret Empire Will Begin With Free Comic Book Day 2017
    • Marvel, Brian Michael Bendis Bringing Back ‘The Defenders’ Comic Book Series
    • Get Your First Official Look At Marvel And Netflix’s THE DEFENDERS Assembled On EW’s Latest Cover.
    • Guardians of the Galaxy News
    • MONSTERS UNLEASHED To Spin-Off Into Ongoing After Current Event
    • Lemire’s Final Old Man Logan Arc Revisits Key Wolverine Moments
    • Peter Dinklage Reportedly Joining Avengers: Infinity War
    • CONSTANTINE TV Series Returns to animation
    • Affleck Addresses The Batman’s Script Progress, Fan Pressure
    • Green Lantern Corps Film Moving Forward With Goyer, Rhodes Script
    • DC Comics Raises Price for Monthly Rebirth Titles, Adds Digital Codes
    • Superman new costume in Superman #20
    • Batman/Flash Crossover Set to Explore DC’s Watchmen/Rebirth Mystery
    • Logan Trailer
    • Power Rangers Trailer
  • 主題
    • 美漫歴史第二堂

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